Pete MacBeth - Managing Partner


Starting his small business experience in 1992, Pete knows first-hand what it means to be an entrepreneur and long-time small business owner. During that period Pete wore many hats taking on many often-unrelated roles and like you recognized there was always something more to do that would just have to wait for tomorrow. Also, like you, he and his partners often couldn’t find the right pieces to add to their growing team because the truly qualified talent was beyond the reach of affordability.

Pete’s skillset: strategic with a focus on details, data-driven, builds revenue, creates operational efficiencies, develops talent, has no ego. 

Pete’s primary responsibilities include teaming with small business owners and chief executives to help get their businesses to the next level. In that role, Pete provides advice as well as that extra pair of hands to get projects that never seem to receive attention done and done well. Like in the days of Pete’s own small businesses he wears many hats and takes on many projects and responsibilities at the direction of our small business clients.

Secondary responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operations of Auxilium Associates as well as having primary accountability for client satisfaction. 

Pete is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. 



Steve Ike - Managing Partner


Steve started his business career while in college helping to start up several services companies and managing local franchises. During that time he learned about the effort required to do what it takes to get the job done. After college Steve applied his skills building sales teams and entered the technology and services sector helping small business apply software applications along with other technologies to solve business issues. Over the last 30 years has worked with a variety of companies from startups to Fortune 500 software providers helping his clients and teams stay on top.  

Steve’s skillsets are building vision, strategy, growing teams, change management, aligning goals, and program management. 

Steve is the Practice Manager for Auxilium’s Change Management, Marketing, and Sales Enablement team. He advises on business strategy, marketing, sales process, sales methodologies and change management. Steve works closely with our clients to develop and deliver sales growth and profitability strategies that will “equip and enable” sales teams to adapt to the changes in the market & business environment. 

Steve earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with additional studies in Marketing - Consumer Behavior from the University of Georgia.


Corbin Cook - Partner

Corbin applies his background in the financial services sector to assist our clients with meeting their financial goals. He brings the expertise to :

  • Increase bottom line profitability
  • Manage cash flow
  • Track success compared to industry benchmarks
  • Build automated reports to help you see the overall financial health of your business
  • Enhance an understanding of the numbers to improve decision making
  • Increase bottom line profitability through improved efficiencies


Cindy Wood - Partner

With over 25 years experience, Cindy Wood brings her experience as a business and benefit advisor who understands the challenges facing business owners and assists our team and clients by driving efficiencies which create more time to grow the business. As an advisor, counsel and business partner her innovative approach provides clients with a strategic platform to deliver a unique way to contain costs in healthcare and ancillary benefits.Through exploring business ideas which contain costs and transfer risk and improve productivity Cindy is able to quickly help businesses define and meet their strategic goals, while exploring methods for immediate impact on the business.

Our Partner Ecosystem


Associate Partners


Affordable Fractional Executives and Advisors with specific industry or practice area expertise that Auxilium engages to solve a specific initiative, task or project.  


Affiliate Partners

Complimentary service providers that bring a specific resource or solution to solve a core business need. (HR, legal, financial, benefits, payroll funding, services, marketing, etc.) 


Referral Partners

Our cooperative ecosystem of like-minded professionals that collaborate on projects and introduce each other to our shared clients.  Each partner is vetted to insure the highest quality of service and delivery.